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We believe it's not just important to tell you what makes our cabinets stand out, but to show you so you can see for yourself.

What Makes Our Cabinets Special?

What are reveals? What is an applied end? Read below to learn about how we fabricate and install our cabinets to achieve a luxury look.


Cabinet Front Reveals

We design our cabinets and fronts to have a consistent 1/8 inch reveal between doors, drawers, and panels. During installation, our installers take the time to align each part to create an even 1/8 inch reveal all around. With Face Frame cabinets, we prioritize a 3/4 inch reveal.

Applied Ends

With European style cabinets, our standard includes an applied finished end or applied door when the side of a cabinet is exposed at the end of a run. These panels are timed to be flush with the faces of the fronts and can match the finish of the cabinets or contrast with a different finish.


Certain parts of our cabinets are fabricated to include an amount of additional material for cutting the  cabinets to match the shape of the walls and floors. Our installers are careful to create a precise scribe for a high-end, quality installation. By scribing our panels and fillers to the joining surfaces, we are able to eliminate the use of mouldings, caulkings, and shadow gaps, keeping our cabinets looking clean and luxurious.

European Frameless Cabinets


European Cabinets are our speciality. This style of cabinet creates a clean, modern look with the benefit of increased usable interior space. We fabricate our cabinets custom for the space, in 1/16 inch increments, allowing for an ideal division of the space, considering function and aesthetic design.

Overlay & Inset Face Frame Cabinets


Face Frame cabinets are a classic look. With our overlay face frame cabinets we prioritize 3/4 inch reveals between door and drawer fronts. Our face frames include common stiles with rails between  the stiles. Our typical stile and rail width is 1 5/8 inches, but because we are a custom fabricator, we will modify the widths when needed to keep the 3/4 inch reveals in place. Our inset face frame cabinets typically have a 1/8 inch reveal around all sides of the drawer front, with the front being flush with the frame.

Visit Our Showroom


We would like to invite you to visit our showroom where we can discuss your project. Sometimes we are out of the showroom on an appointment, so please call ahead, or schedule an appointment before you visit.

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